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Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps

Unique witnesses of prehistory

The “pile dwellings” are remains of prehistoric settlements in lakes and marshes around the Alps. The serial property includes 111 sites in six countries (CH, DE, FR, IT, SI, AT) and 56 of them are located in Switzerland. The artefacts – organic materials such as wood, textiles, plant remains and bones provide fascinating insights into life around 5,000 to 500 B.C. Many finds are difficult or impossible to access as they are underwater, on the shores of lakes or in marsh areas. This makes their exhibition in museums even more important, such as at the Laténium near Neuchâtel, where you can gain a detailed impression of the lives our ancestors led.

Date of Inscription


Criteria of Inscription

iv, v


Cultural Heritage
Serial and transnational property



Other countries: DE/FR/IT/SI/AT

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Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps
Criterion (iv): The series of prehistoric Pile Dwelling sites are one of the most important archaeological sources for the study of early agrarian societies ...
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