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World Heritage in Young Hands. An eductional resource.

The World Heritage in Young Hands Educational Resource Kit for Secondary School Teachers, developed in 1998, is one of the main tools of the World Heritage Education Programme.

The educational materials aim to raise young people's awareness of the importance of preserving their local, national and world heritage. In doing so, students will:
- learn about the cultural and natural heritage sites inscribed on the World Heritage List
- learn how they can contribute to the conservation of these sites
- develop new perspectives and commit themselves to the protection of local and national heritage in the long term
- learn how they can contribute to the protection of the world's cultural and biological diversity through international cooperation.
Such a folder exists for almost every country/language:


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Target group

3rd cycle: 7th-9th grade, Gymnasium / Fachmittelschule (Sek II)



Type of document: Working material, publications

Medium: Offline & online

Assignements for the pupils: Yes

Publisher / Partner: UNESCO (World Heritage Education Programme)

Autors: Diverse

Year of publication: 2001/2002