Good to know

Colouring pictures

The two friends Türli and Flidari visited World Heritage properties on their journey through Switzerland and had many exciting experiences. Eleven colouring models bring the little artists closer to the World Heritage in a playful way.

The pictures are designed to appeal to the youngest generation and to make them aware of the World Heritage Site for the first time. In this context, the question of what a "UNESCO World Heritage Site" actually is will certainly come up. These are places and regions, either with landscapes worthy of protection that are unique in the world, or places that play an important role in the history and culture of the people. These buildings and landscapes are to be handled well, so that future generations can still enjoy them.

The pictures of these trips are all not yet colorful. Therefore you can print them out here and colour them in. Türli and Flidari also explain to you why each place is so special why it has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

PS: If you want, you can also send us your drawings. We will then show your artwork to other children via our website, Facebook and Instagram. 
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